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November BirthChat – Birth Mandalas with Amy Swagman of The Mandala Journey

On November 21st, Amy Swagman will join us to facilitate the creation of birth mandalas. BirthChat is still offered free of charge, but space is limited, so please reserve your spot!

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Birth Junkie

Are you looking for Christmas deals for your friends and family who love learning, talking and thinking about birth? Check out Hana Peace Works’ specials.

What Babies Want is a great film to introduce how profoundly birth impacts individuals.

The Business of Being Born is a Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein documentary that discusses birth in America. Great for getting one thinking about what is “normal” in our culture.

Birthday is a classic must-see birth film. Midwife Naoli Vinaver gives birth to her daughter among her loving family in their gorgeous blue tiled bathtub.

If you offer gifts for the birthy crowd, please tell us what you do, and share your link in the comments!

Upcoming Class: The Baby’s Perspective of Birth – Dec. 10-12, 2010 Erie, CO

Dr. med. Angelika Schultz

Medical Doctor from Germany

Craniosacral Therapist and Teacher

Pre- and Perinatal Therapy phone:

Craniosacral Therapy for Musicians email:

The Baby’s Perspective of Birth –

Baby Body Language for Doulas and Midwives

a workshop with Dr. Angelika Schultz

December 10th – 12th 2010

This class is designed for doulas and midwives to learn more about the
baby’s perspective of being born. Birth is not only a key life experience
that the mother will remember all her life – the baby will as well.
Neuroscientists discovered that we will never build as many connections
between nerve cells throughout our entire life than we do in the weeks
around our own birth.

Our way into this world matters. And as a birth professional you can make a
difference by being conscious and aware about the baby’s perspective of

During the workshop you will learn about:

* The baby’s point of view

* How a baby tells her story

* What you can do to make the birth experience a wonderful one for
baby, mom and dad

* What an epidural means for the baby and what your options are to
make it easier

* How a c-section feels from the baby’s perspective, how to support
the family to integrate this experience, and suggestions for how to
experience the aspects that they missed during the actual birth

* Exercises to get a better feeling for the baby’s world, and
practices to enhance your body awareness and your ability in
self-regulation, which are useful in difficult birth situations or in
listening to a crying

baby telling his story

* Things you can teach parents to make their new life with the baby


Birthing Beautiful Ideas: Have a “healthy fear” of VBAC, but be informed

Check out Kristen’s “Letter to a VBAC-ing Stranger“. She makes excellent points about the many factors that go into deciding whether a VBAC is the right option for each woman. I love that she recommends approaching the issue with a “healthy fear” – after all, this is not a decision to be made lightly. However, she does not advocate approaching it with pessimism, inappropriate scare tactics, or incorrect information. Thank you, Kristen!